We have moved to a new shop and added a new name!


324, Old Brompton Road


(opposite the north entrance to Brompton Cemetery)


We are an independant shop offering bespoke picture framing.


We can frame virtually anything, from photographs, watercolours or tiny delicate butterflies right through to vintage posters, oil paintings or even carpets.


We make handmade frames including finishes with gold leaf, gesso, fine wood veneers, solid wood, acrylic boxes, box frames & tray frames.

We also make mirrors, including bevelled mirrors and two types of antiqued mirrors


We have a large range of more modestly priced prefinished frame mouldings too.

History of Fix a Frame

We have been making bespoke frames in Earls Court for almost 30 years!


Established in 1984, Fix a Frame was London's first DIY framing shop.

It proved to be hugely popular and though the public workshop element finished over 15 years ago, we still frequently meet revisiting customers from those years reminiscing with us about the good times they spent in the shop learning how to construct their own frames while smoking (!) & drinking coffee on a leisurely Saturday morning!


Now the shop provides a full bespoke framing service, although we can still prepare a joined frame, mount, glass, backboard & all the other materials needed to finish your own frame at home - all you need is a screwdriver!


We moved to our new site opposite Brompton Cemetery in June 2018 and added the name FRAMESMITH, but we are still the same company!



Over the years we have framed many interesting and special works of art.


One of the most striking is the De Gournay silk wallpaper, handmade and painted with beautiful scenes of cherry blossom or exotic birds! Each panel can be up to 3 metres high. Because of it's size we drymount the wallpaper on a kapa backing to make it stiff so it looks at it's best when in the frame.

The client will often pick a small metal frame from a range of soft colours that complement the background of the wallpaper.

These wallpapers also look amazing in ornate gold leaf frames!


Another interesting artwork was a cartoon for a stained glass window.

To evoke the feeling of standing in a darkened church with light streaming through, we used a handmade highly laquered black gesso box frame & a second inner frame of mirrored metal with a deep inwards slant.

We added a black conservation cottonrag mountboard & the finished result was stunning!

A corner detail of this framing job is viewable in the photo to the top left.



How to get your artwork framed with us

Come and visit the shop with your artwork;

There is no need to make an appointment.


We will ask if you already have an idea of how to frame your artwork, but don't worry if you don't - we can suggest some of our own if you would like.


We use the frame & mountboard samples in the shop to show you what your finished framed artwork could look like.


You make a choice, we work out the price.


If you decide to go ahead we fill out an invoice & take your contact details & a deposit. Then we contact you when the work is ready.


We can also just reglaze/refit/remount your existing framed artworks.

We can provide mounts or glass only & we are also happy to make up a kit for you to finish your frame at home.


Please feel free to ring or email, but there really is no substitute for visiting the shop & trying out all the different frame and mountboard samples with your artwork in front of you!